Treatments for pregnant women and after pregnancy

Being pregnant or breast feeding you do not have to resign from benign actions of cosmetological treatments. In this exceptional period you should especially take care of your look and good mood.

After the labour and finishing breast feeding, when it often turns out that skin on stomach and breast has lost its former firmness, there have appeared stretch marks absent before, a scar after Caesarean section disturbs us, DO NOT FORGET that effective methods which can level these problems exist.

Especially for you SCM estetic  has prepared an offer of treatments which will enable you to enjoy your body and have perfect mood during and after pregnancy.



Treatments for pregnant women – body treatments

Classical massage

A classical massage is a relaxing and healing treatment. As every kind of massage, it loosens tense muscles and helps sooth nerves. Medically, it is described as a supplementary physiotherapy method in case of many illnesses hitting both the body and mind. A classical massage combined with a concurrent aromatherapy and music therapy is helpful in soothing mental tension, muscles cramps, joints and muscles pain, tension headache. The massage effects are: increased muscles flexibility, improvement of blood circulation and, what is connected with it, improvement of the skin condition.


Sweet and Savoury Body Scrub

Sweet and savoury body scrub with orange oil addition. Brown sugar, sea salt and ethereal oils from Mediterranean Sea make a perfect cleansing and nourishing peeling.


Sugar paste depilation

In the Middle East, sugar past depilation has been known for centuries. Today we use a special sugar-water mixture. The effect of depilation lasts 3-4 weeks. It is an optimal way to epilate sensitive body parts. It is highly recommended for allergic patients, those with varices problems and with breaking blood vessels.h.

Treatments for pregnant women – face treatments


Diamond microdermabrasion is connected with mechanical removing of epidermis. Doing the treatment once, we will get the effect of skin refreshment.


Marine Collagen Treatment

Deep hydration and wrinkles softening.

The treatment neutralizes feeling of excessive tension caused by environmental pollution and air-conditioned spaces. Thanks to a simulation of the production of new collagen fibres it makes slight wrinkles disappear and your skin becomes radiant.


Purete Marine Ritual

An intensive cleansing anti-acne ritual.

The treatment is designed for oily and acne skin care. It makes the skin matt and additionally thoroughly clears outlets of sebaceous glands and regulates their work preventing formation of blackheads and inflammation. The treatment may be performed one-off or in a series in order to bring full balance back to your skin.


Illuminating Radiance Facial Treatment

An express 30-minute long treatment designed for any skin type. Ingredients contained in moisturizing preparations enhance skin firmness, nourish and refresh your skin. The treatment removes signs of tiredness and brings healthy and radiant look of skin.



A deeply moisturizing treatment which normalizes the process of keratodermia. Active ingredients, i.e. Shea butter, liposomal thermal water and pullulan improve skin moisturising, hydration and elasticity. A rich complex of substances brings immediate and long-lasting skin moisturising.


Puratore Treatment

Thanks to specially chosen active ingredients included in the preparations we provide the skin with substances which will make it refreshed, full of radiance and deeply regenerated. The recipe of the treatment is based on ecological ingredients.


Treatments for women – after pregnancy

Laser frakcyjna CO2 Smaxel

Laser CO2 Smaxel is equipped with 2 modules: CO2 module and a fractional one. The mechanism of its work depends on the emission of light of 1550 nm length, whose energy is absorbed by water present in cells of epidermis and dermis.


Vela Shape III

The effectiveness of this device, regarding reduction of body circumference and cellulite, has been proved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). VelaShape III is the latest equipment of Syneron Medical Ltd company, the world leader in the field of aesthetic medicine equipment, destined to contouring the body in a non-invasive way, reducing the body circumference and eliminating cellulite



DERMAPEN® thanks to the presence of exchangeable pulsatory needles pricks skin in a regulated way. Skin damage created in that way is a stimulus for regeneration processes taking place through synthesis of collagen and elastin, which leads to improvement of skin condition.



The treatment involves injecting carbo dioxide below skin. During the first phase there appears a passing underoxidation of tissues which results in widening blood vessels with following skin hypermia. As a result, healing processes speed up, skin condition and look improves. Lipolytic activity of carbon dioxide is connected to its partial transformation into carbon acid which dissolves fat cells. Additionally, increased blood supply leads to increased lymphatic drainage of a cured area, fastening metabolism and eliminating released fat.



Polylactic acid (Sculptra) is the substance for boosting the synthesis of our own collagen leading to skin becoming firmer and more tense. The preparation can be used regardless of age.


Needle mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy is one of the most popular and most effective methods used in prophylaxis of aging and enhancing skin look while keeping a fully natural effect at the same time.

Thanks to this technique active substances are inserted sub or intradermally, avoiding in that way epidermis barrier, thorough which majority of cosmetics do not permeate. Additionally, the process of pricking awakes within skin reparative mechanisms responsible for its reconstruction.



Peeling EASY TCA

Easy TCA treatment is a deep penetrating, but at the same time safe scrub which stimulates fibroblast to create more collagen and elastin in dermis.



Cosmelan/dermamelan is an effective and safe therapy which helps to level sun discolourations and the ones on hormonal grounds (melasma). The mechanism of its action is based on the use of substances inhibiting thirosinase, a key enzyme in the process of melanin creation which is responsible for development of spots and discolourations.


Injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is a kind of nonsurgical liposuction. It is connected with using a phosphatidylcholine preparation (a natural ingredient made of soya seeds) in the areas of treated adipose tissues.


Lifting up Breast Treatment

The treatment has been created with breast and décolleté remodelling in mind. Active concentrates fill in, sculpt and lift up the breast in no time. The series of treatments creates a lifting micro reticulum in a form of “invisible bra” ensuring a quick “push-up” effect.


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