We perform permanent makeup of eyebrows, lips and eyes using the following methods:


  • Microblading – a method which imitates natural hair works perfectly in cases of people with their own eyebrows, which are weaker, though.
  • Feathery method – imitation of thinner or thicker hair, a perfect method for the reconstruction of a brow ridge in case of thin hair or its lack.
  • Shading/ powdery method – enhances the natural look of eyebrows, ideal for those who like a strong effect.
  • Ombre 3D – the effect of light powder, shaded lighter in front and at the top, and stronger at the lower part and at the end of a brow ridge – a perfect method for those who have their own eyebrows and want to strengthen the effect.
  • Ombre with hair – imitation of hair with light shadowing, ideal for the reconstruction of eyebrows.
  • Combo – hair with shadow recommended for oily and thick skin. Performed with a machine, it is ideal for the reconstruction of hair in order to achieve natural look.


  • Shading – the effect of light shading from the corner to 1/2 – 1/3 of lips area, optical enlargement.
  • Ombre 3D – special shadowing of lips, optically enlarged lips.
  • Obmre 4D – shadowing of lips with three colours which interfuse subtly. The effect of this method is optically enlarged and brightened lips.
  • Filling – filling the whole lips area with a colour.


  • Eyelashes – pigmentation of eyelashes line, optically thickened eyelashes
  • Upper butterfly line – eyelid with a shadowing effect
  • Upper line with eyelashes
  • Upper + lower line regular
  • Upper + lower line shaded
  • Smoky eye line
  • Smoky eye upper + lower line
  • Shaded lower line

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