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Laser hair removal – how to get rid of unnecessary hair forever! This is the most effective method that involves damaging the hair matrix. In most cases, after four treatments, there is a significant reduction of hair, about 70% of clients need between 4 and 6 treatments, depending on the body part, hair type, genetic predisposition, age, etc. After a series of treatments, about 80% -93% of hair is permanently damaged (for dark hair), he remaining percentage is lighter, more delicate and invisible hair (in practice, 100% hair removal is difficult to achieve). In difficult cases, it happens that “finishing” procedures are needed.

Primelase Excelence is a diode laser with very high power – up to 4800 W, which makes it the most effective laser on the market!

The laser only works superficially without affecting the body’s functions. It emits a gentle beam of rays that penetrates the skin to the hair follicle without damaging other organs surrounding the treatment site, therefore the treatment is completely safe.

Crystal Freeze

The laser has a CrystalFreeze cooling function (+ 5 ° C) operating in two modes: static (1-3 HZ) and dynamic (5-10 HZ). Thanks to the effective cooling system, the patient does not feel pain and the treatment is 100% comfortable and non-invasive


Ultra-short pulse

This innovative solution allows the treatment to be performed with pulses lasting from 3 ms, which reach the appropriate temperature to destroy the hair follicle without affecting the skin.

Unlike other lasers on the market, the USP technology provides very short pulses that evenly heat the follicle to the optimal temperature without heating the skin, making it an extremely safe and effective device.


• pregnancy, breastfeeding
• fresh tan
• taking antibiotics (the treatment should be stopped 2 weeks before the procedure)
• steroids, antidepressants and psychotropic drugs
• tendency to develop discoloration and keloids
• active skin infections (bacterial, viral, fungal)
• cancer, albinism, psoriasis
• diabetes, epilepsy, ulceration, thrombosis
• allergy to the sun and blistering skin diseases
• pacemaker
• skin damage
• an operation that has not been held recently
• white hair

Post-treatment indications:

  • treatments should be repeated every 8-10 weeks (depending on the part of the body and individual characteristics), a significant extension or shortening of the interval between treatments may result in a weaker treatment effect
  • do not sunbathe, it is imperative to protect the skin from the sun for at least 1 week after the treatment
  • do not use exfoliating cosmetics and medications – at least 1 week after the treatment
  • after the treatment, do not use soap, spirit, alcohol-based tonics, antiperspirants in the armpit area, deodorants, intimate hygiene lotions in the bikini area, body lotions with slimming preparations, etc.
  • use alantan or bepanten cream at least twice a day
  • a week after the treatment, a 2-week period of “burnt-out” hair begins, it should be removed with tweezers (on the face), razor or scrub
  • 3 weeks after the surgery, the so-called the period of “muting” begins, i.e. the hair damaged after the treatment has been removed and new hair has not appeared yet, this period lasts about a month
  • hair for the next treatment appears only 6-7 weeks after the last treatment, it is the best time for the next laser hair removal treatment

Every skin reacts individually to the treatment. There may appear reddening or slight irritation around follicle; local hyperpigmentation or discolorations, which disappear after a few days, may also appear. In case of exceptional hypersensitivity they may last for a few weeks/months.

Time: 15-30 minutes
Anaesthesia: not needed
Complementary treatments: none




The procedure is performed

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