LightSheer™ Diode Laser System


LightSheer™ Diode Laser System device has a safety and quality certificate given by American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A positive opinion given by FDA is recognized in other countries as well as a mark of quality and confirmation of not having negative impact on health. Additionally, LightSheer™ Diode Laser System has other certificates of European institutions, including ISO 9001.

A unique, distinct cooling system with ChillTip™ end enables active cooling for patient’s safety and comfort.


Currently the only way to remove unwanted hair for good is laser epilation.

The method involves damage of hair matrix (energy absorption through melanin-colorant).
It needs to be stated, however, that not all hair grows simultaneously. Some of it is at a growth stage – anagen and only this hair reacts to the laser light; other is at the stage of latency – catagen, telogen – hair treated with the laser at these stages does not undergo permanent damage. Due to this fact, the treatments need to be repeated at least four times. In majority of cases, after four treatments there appears a really significant hair reduction, ca.70% of patients need between 4-6 treatments depending on the area of the body, type of hair, genetic predispositions, age etc. After the series of treatments ca.80-93% of body hair is damaged permanently (in case of thin hair), the remaining percentage is lighter, more delicate and invisible hair (in practice 100% hair removal is hard to obtain). In tougher cases, “finishing-off” treatments are needed.

Patients qualified for the treatment undergo a laser trial.


  • pregnancy
  • tendency to discolorations
  • leucoderma
  • psoriasis
  • light sensitive drugs, retinoids

Preparation for the treatment:

  • stopping the use of creams with retinol 2 weeks before the treatment
  • stopping to take herbs (St John’s wort, marigold) 2-3 weeks before the treatment
  • not removing body hair 1 month before the treatment
  • not using scrubs 1 week before the treatment

Post-treatment indications:

  • treatments have to be repeated every 8 – 10 weeks (depending on the part of the body and individual features), a significant elongation or shortening of the break between treatments
  • may result in a worse effect of the treatment
  • do not sunbathe, protect skin against the sun for at least 1 week after the treatment
  • do not use peeling cosmetics and medicaments – at least 1 week after the treatment
  • after the treatment do not use any soap, spirit, alcohol-based tonics, antiperspirants in the area of armpits, deodorants, intimate hygiene liquids in the bikini area, body lotions containing slimming preparations, etc.
  • at least twice a day use alantan or bepanthen creams
  • after a week following the treatment begins a two-week long stage of “coming out” of burnt hair, which should be removed with the use of tweezers (on a face), razor or scrub
  • after 3 weeks following the treatment ”quietening” stage begins, hair damaged by the treatment has been removed and the new one has not appeared yet, this stage lasts ca. a month


  • hair for the consecutive treatment appear after 6-7 weeks of the previous one and it is the best time to perform the next laser treatment.


Every skin reacts individually to the treatment. There may appear reddening or slight irritation around follicle; local hyperpigmentation or discolorations, which disappear after a few days, may also appear. In case of exceptional hypersensitivity they may last for a few weeks/months.

Time: 15-30 minutes
Anaesthesia: not needed
Complementary treatments: none


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