BTL EMBODY is the perfect treatment for people who dream of a slim and athletic figure!

The American portal RealSelf, dedicated to medicine, has carried out research which shows that as many as 98% of consumers are looking for ways to reduce body fat while shaping their body.

The device uses advanced high-frequency electromagnetic technology – HIFEM (Highg-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology) – this energy is effective in muscle development, because it can induce and maintain supramaximal contractions for many seconds (it “exercises” muscles with much more power and frequency than it is possible during any training!) About 20,000 extremely intense contractions are induced during one treatment.


Due to the fact that during the BTL EMBODY procedure the muscles perform more than their maximum contractions, the brain receives information that energy will be needed, additionally in extreme doses. Therefore, the body releases a huge amount of energy from the closest fat cells. The cascade effect triggers intensive lipolysis. And this is how fatty tissue in the vicinity of contracting muscles is burned.


First of all, liposuction is a surgical procedure that always carries a risk, and requires anaesthesia that burdens the body. Meanwhile, BTL EMBODY removes adipose tissue non-invasively, so there is no need for anaesthesia. Secondly, adipose tissue reduction treatments (including various types of injection lipolysis) do not affect the muscles. Often, in places where we got rid of fat, there is even the problem of excess, the so-called loose skin. BTL EMBODY reduces fat tissue, but at the same time strengthens the muscles, so the body gains an attractive shape. That is why some doctors use HIFEM training in cases of people who have undergone liposuction or lipolysis and need to build a muscle frame for the skin.

EMBODY is a way for a six-pack on the stomach and Brazilian buttocks!

BTL EMBODY is a machine for the non-invasive lifting and modelling of the buttocks. Applied to the abdominal area, like no other device, it sculpts the muscles and reduces body fat. It is an ideal treatment for people who dream of a slim and athletic figure.

In addition, training with BTL EMBODY is pure relaxation, because you simply lie comfortably on the treatment bed and the machine works for you. And it works as hard as you will never be able to!


In the case of buttock training, the 30-minute BTL EMBODY treatment replaces 20,000 squats. During the training, the HIFEM energy causes intense, supramaximal contractions that strengthen the buttock muscles and at the same time reduce the fatty tissue in this area. The training does not require any activity or recovery. After the full series, the buttocks are lifted, toned and shapely – without a scalpel, liposuction, injections or plastic surgery.


During one treatment, BTL EMBODY provides muscles with effort comparable to 20,000

crunches. The machine stimulates the abdominal muscles to work so intensively within 30 minutes, because that’s how long one workout takes. It’s impressive! The goal of the training is a flat and muscular stomach, regardless of a gender. Supramaximal contractions induce an increase in muscle mass and burn the subcutaneous fat that covers the abdominal muscles. And all this without a scalpel, injection, recovery and pain.



  • Flat, non-muscular buttocks

  • Sagging and drooping buttocks

  • Excess fat on the buttocks

  • Irregular surface of the buttocks after liposuction

  • Age-related weakness and contraction of the gluteal muscles

  • Uneven structure of the muscles that make up the buttocks

  • Preparation and support of buttocks modelling trainings


  • Unmuscular abdomen with excess body fat

  • Flabby and loose skin on the abdomen with weakened muscles

  • Excess fat on the waist

  • Straight muscle stretch and abdominal muscle weakness after a childbirth

  • Irregular abdominal surface after liposuction

  • Weakened abdominal muscles that make effective training difficult

  • Support for abdominal sculpting workouts


  • work on their figure with exercise and diet, but are not entirely satisfied with the results

  • are fitness trainers or train endurance sports and want even better results

  • are not athletes, but they want to non-invasively and quickly sculpt the belly or model the buttocks

  • want to get rid of fat deposits in selected areas and “turn” them into muscles

  • have trouble starting effective exercise due to weakened muscles. They need support to get started!

  • with age, lost their former muscles and firmness

  • are after giving birth and want to quickly regain their attractive figure, e.g. firm their abdomen and get rid of straight muscle stretch

  • are after liposuction or lipolysis, but the contour of the buttocks or the shape of the abdomen require muscle strengthening


  • pregnancy and lactation

  • neoplastic and mental diseases

  • metal implants in the treatment area (including a copper IUD for buttocks training)

  • a pacemaker

  • lung failure

  • some heart diseases

How often do we do BTL EMBODY trainings?

Abdominal and buttock training sessions last 30 minutes. We repeat them every 2-3 days. The optimal series consists of a minimum of 4 treatments, depending on the arrangements. We evaluate the effects after 2-4 weeks from the last BTL EMBODY training.

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