Dermatological treatments such as skin biopsy, electrocoagulation, dermatoscopy or curettage are the advanced actions which enable long-lasting preservation of healthy and well-cared-for skin. In Cracow, you can undergo various examinations and treatments included in aesthetic dermatology in our Medical Centre, to which we more than welcome all the Patients worried about their skin state.


Skin biopsy is a diagnostic examination involving sectioning from a morbidly changed or seemingly healthy skin area. It is a “golden rule” in dealing with cases of skin changes whose diagnosis adjudication based on clinical picture is impossible.



The basic examination which enables to detect melanocarcinoma in its early stage is dermatoscopy/ dermoscopy. It is a non-invasive, painless and easy to perform examination, which at the same time requires a lot of experience from a doctor performing it.


Smaxel CO2

A fractional laser is an effective and safe way of enhancing skin quality and firmness and removing skin changes. Currently, it is the best method of decreasing prominence of scars and stretch marks as well as removing discolorations. It gives dramatic effects of skin rejuvenation.



Electrocoagulation is a treatment involving tissues coagulation by their thermic damage with the use of high frequency power.



Curettage is a treatment involving mechanical removal of skin changes.


Intralesional application of glucocorticosteroids

Glucocorticosteroids thanks to their anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, anti-allergic, anti-exudative and anti-proliferative qualities have found applications in treating lots of dermatologic diseases.


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