Facial treatments

NOVELTY! MangoLift Collagen Therapy


It is an exotic composition of vitamins, acids and advanced peptides served in the form of enzyme-chemical peeling. The therapy is dedicated especially to sensitive skin with a significant decrease in firmness, prone to hyperpigmentation as well as dilated capillaries.


DermaQuest Therapeutic Pumpkin Treatment

DermaQuest Therapeutic Pumpkin Treatment is a normalizing program designed for combination skin, with the problem of pimples, papules, blackheads and for oily skin with enlarged pores. The treatment is based on natural pumpkin pulp – a source of vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, PP and K.


Biomimetic Peptide Scrub WITH BOTULIN TOXIN DERIVATIVE [10%] AND AHA [40%]

Dermaquest Biomimetic Scrub is, generally speaking, a lifting procedure. It is based on a combination of acids with neuropeptides, giving an immediate effect of smoothening wrinkles and improving facial features. Contains Argireline is a shortened form of botulinum toxin, which, however, shows no toxicity. It has a strong smoothening effect on mimic wrinkles caused by muscle work.



NanoFrax® is an innovative device for fractional nano-needle and micro-needle mesotherapy at the epidermis and dermis level. It meets the expectations of the most demanding patients: it is effective, safe, brings quick results and has a reasonable price.


Lifting massage –Thalgolift

Thalgolift massage is an extraordinary one performed on face muscles. It is directed at mature skin with lowered flexibility, in need of toning and deep nourishment.

Manual face cleansing

A cosmetic treatment based on manual removal of impurities gathered under epidermis.


Cavitation Peel

Cavitation peeling with the usage of ultrasounds cleans the skin from calloused epidermis and other impurities gathered on skin.


Absolute Hydration Ritual

The Seve Bleue complex provides the skin with the whole richness of sea elements: micro, macro elements and minerals which remove symptoms of skin tiredness, while, at the same time, they provide skin with radiant look.



Marine Collagen Treatment

The treatment neutralizes feeling of excessive tension caused by environmental pollution and air-conditioned spaces.


Ocean Treatment For Men

The treatment, whose aim is to smoothen the structure of epidermis, is designed for men above 30 years of age.


Purete Marine Ritual

The treatment is designed for oily and acne skin care.


Rossatore Xpres

A healing and conditioning treatment, ideal for skin with dilated capillaries with a tendency to rosacea.


Silicium Marine Treatment

A luxurious, lifting treatment whose effects are immediately visible.


Revitalisation treatment for the skin prone to hyperpigmentation

A conditioning treatment with immediate revitalization and lifting effect which brings back radiance to skin prone to hyperpigmentation. It is a completely safe youth elixir which protects skin against negative activity of sun and reduces pigmentation spots. It can be performed all year round, especially in the summer.


Puratore Treatment

Thanks to specially chosen active ingredients included in the preparations we provide the skin with substances which will make it refreshed, full of radiance and deeply regenerated. The recipe of the treatment is based on ecological ingredients.



A deeply moisturizing treatment which normalizes the process of keratodermia. Active ingredients, i.e. Shea butter, liposomal thermal water and pullulan improve skin moisturising, hydration and elasticity. A rich complex of substances brings immediate and long-lasting skin moisturising.


Chemical peel

Peeling Argipeel – Lactic acid and arginine

A peeling based on lactic acid and arginine. Arginine is amino acid produced in fermentation and cleaning of plant carbon dioxides which have moisturizing and skin illuminating properties.


Peeling Azelac – Azelaic acid

Azelaic peeling has a wide variety of usages. Thanks to its peeling and sebum decreasing properties it works perfectly in a complementary therapy for follicular-pustular and blackhead acne.


Peeling Lactipeel – Lactic acid

A peeling, whose basic active substance is lactic acid, is obtained naturally in the process of milk fermentation. Gel form of the peeling enables slow infiltration of acid and minimalizing possible irritations.


Peeling Mandelac – Mandelic acid

Mandelac is the line of products based on mandelic acid made of bitter almonds. The acid is recommended mainly for skins intolerant of other alpha-hydro acids (AHA).


Glycol scrub

The treatment with glycol acid is appropriate for those who want to counteract symptoms of aging. Glycol acid thanks to its small molecules penetrates deeply and improves the structure of skin from the deepest layers. While performing long-standing treatments based on glycol acid, the restoration of fibres and improvement of skin elasticity take place.


Pyruvic scrub

An anti-acne treatment for problematic skin. Pyruvic acid, thanks to deep penetration, helps to achieve huge aesthetic effects in exceptionally short time. It has strong sebostatic properties which means it stops the excess of sebum excretion and regulates processes in sebaceous glands.


Additions to treatments

Anti-acne addition

Powder addition based on salicylic acid. It regulates sebum excretion, has bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory functions and speeds up epidermis exchange.

Illuminating addition

Powder addition based on kojic acid which has a property to stop melanogenesis and block sun radiation. The addition has also ingredients which help in penetration of other active substances through skin.

Illumination addition

Its main ingredient is ascorbic acid. By inhibiting melanin synthesis in melanocytes it illuminates your skin. It also prevents oxidative damages, reduces wrinkles, moisturizes and smoothens skin.

Resveraderm addition

Powder addition based on resveratrol which prevents free radicals attacks by stimulation and increase of natural antioxidant protection. In this way, it protects cellular DNA against damages and slows down aging process of cells. Other active ingredients (ascorbic, thioactetic acid) stimulate collagen synthesis, normalize skin colour and smoothen it.

Body care treatments

Sweet and Savoury Body Scrub

Sweet and savoury body scrub with orange oil addition.



Marine Prelude

An exclusive treatment of the whole body with the use of sea salt.


Indoceane Treatment

Indoceane treatment is an amazing journey to the land of beauty and relaxation, during which you will get to know philosophies of China, Egypt and India.


Lifting up Breast Treatment

The treatment has been created with breast and décolleté remodelling in mind. Active concentrates fill in, sculpt and lift up the breast in no time. The series of treatments creates a lifting micro reticulum in a form of “invisible bra” ensuring a quick “push-up” effect.


Sugar paste depilation

In the Middle East, sugar past depilation has been known for centuries. Today we use a special sugar-water mixture. The effect of depilation lasts 3-4 weeks. It is an optimal way to epilate sensitive body parts. It is highly recommended for allergic patients, those with varices problems and with breaking blood vessels.

Sugar paste does not glue to your skin, it only plasters hair. Thanks to this, pain discomfort connected to the treatment is smaller and skin scorch is eliminated. The remaining paste is cleaned with warm water without skin rubbing. Irritation after such a depilation is minimal and often disappears the same day. Using this kind of depilation enables you to see how weak and light the growing hair becomes. Thanks to regular depilation you can reduce body hair in some parts to a large extent.

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Eyelashes perm

The treatment is recommended for straight and stiff eyelashes. Gels used during the treatment are very delicate so as to minimize the risk of eyelashes damage. The treatment is conducted in two stages: the first gel changes the structure and opens lashes’ cuticles, the second one closes it in a new shape. After the perm, eyelashes do not require any special treatment and its results are visible for 6-8 weeks.


 Duration 50 min.

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VelaShape III

VelaShape III is the latest equipment of Syneron Medical Ltd company – the world leader in the field of aesthetic medicine equipment designed for non-invasive body contouring, circumference reduction and cellulite elimination.


Laser CO2 Smaxel

The laser emits light of 1550nm length, whose energy is absorbed by water held in epidermis and dermis cells. It contains CO2 module which enables evaporation of various changes with the help of a laser beam. The treatment is bloodless and does not cause thermal damage of surrounding tissues and thanks to that the risk of scar appearance is minimized. Additionally, the laser is equipped with a fractional model which creates a stream of impulses of microscopic diameter, which are scattered evenly over the whole skin area thanks to a special head. As the result of the treatment thousands of microscopic damages, surrounded by healthy, undamaged tissue, are created, what in turn leads to a faster convalescence. Skin regeneration and enhancement in its look occurs in the place where the skin was damaged by a laser beam by stimulation of remedial processes and collagen synthesis.



Carboxytherapy has been used in medicine for several dozens of years, and lately started being also used in aesthetic medicine. The treatment involves injecting carbo dioxide below skin. During the first phase there appears a passing underoxidation of tissues which results in widening blood vessels with following skin hypermia. As a result, healing processes speed up, skin condition and look improves.

Lipolytic activity of carbon dioxide is connected to its partial transformation into carbon acid which dissolves fat cells. Additionally, increased blood supply leads to increased lymphatic drainage of a cured area, fastening metabolism and eliminating released fat.

Cracow Medical Centre SCM estetic offers performing the corboxytherapy treatment with the use of the best equipment and following all hygiene and safety regulations.

Duration 10 – 30 min.


Laser removal of vascular changes

Burst blood vessels are a condition which makes a lot of people suffer. The most effective solution is closing them with the use of QuadroStar® Laser.  Laser removal of vascular changes is not only a non-invasive and safe way, but also the only effective one to deal with the problem of burst blood vessels. Vessels placed on the surface disappear immediately.



IPL (Intense Pulse Light) means that the treatments using intense pulse light are connected with waves emission of different length in different directions at the same time. The treatment is used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology in order to reduce various afflictions like capillaries or discolorations; it is also helpful in photorejuvenation.

Duration 10 – 30 min.


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