Facial treatments

Absolute Hydration Ritual

An intensively moisturizing treatment with Seve Bleue complex.


Illuminating Radiance Facial Treatment

An express 30-minute long treatment designed for any skin type.


Ocean Treatment For Men

The treatment, whose aim is to smoothen the structure of epidermis, is designed for men above 30 years of age.


Manual face cleansing

A cosmetic treatment based on manual removal of impurities gathered under epidermis.


Purete Marine Ritual

The treatment is designed for oily and acne skin care.


Rossatore Xpres

A healing and conditioning treatment, ideal for skin with dilated capillaries with a tendency to rosacea.


Sensibeautics Integral Treatment

An embracing treatment for sensitive, reactive skin with vascular problems.


Silicium Marine Treatment

A luxurious, lifting treatment whose effects are immediately visible.


Injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is a kind of nonsurgical liposuction. It is connected with using a phosphatidylcholine preparation (a natural ingredient made of soya seeds) in the areas of treated adipose tissues. The preparation containing sodium deoxycholate leads to destruction of adipose tissue cell membrane.



Polylactic acid (Sculptra)

Polylactic acid (Sculptra) is the substance for boosting the synthesis of our own collagen leading to skin becoming firmer and more tense. The preparation can be used regardless of age. It is great especially for women and men around 35 years of age or older.



Ellansé™ is a new product of a biostimulation kind i.e. substances which stimulate the synthesis of our own collagen.



Type I collagen is the one, most common in an organism. It creates tendons, scar tissues, bone tissues, connective tissues of skin and hypodermis.


VelaShape III

VelaShape III is the latest equipment of Syneron Medical Ltd company, the world leader in the field of aesthetic medicine equipment, destined to contouring the body in a non-invasive way, reducing the body circumference and eliminating cellulite.


Smaxel Laser CO2

Laser CO2 Smaxel is equipped with 2 modules: CO2 module and a fractional one. The mechanism of its work depends on the emission of light of 1550 nm length, whose energy is absorbed by water present in cells of epidermis and dermis. CO2 module enables vaporizing various changes. The treatment is bloodless and does not cause thermic damage of surrounding tissues, thanks to which the risk of scar appearance is minimized. Fractional module, thanks to a special head, creates a stream of impulses of microscopic diameter, evenly scattered on the surface of skin. Thousands of microscopic damages appear as a result of the treatment. They are surrounded by fragments of healthy, undamaged tissue, what as a result makes convalescence time much shorter.



Carboxytherapy has been used in medicine for several dozens of years, and lately started being also used in aesthetic medicine. The treatment involves injecting carbo dioxide below skin.



IPL (Intense Pulse Light) means that the treatments using intense pulse light are connected with waves emission of different length in different directions at the same time. The treatment is used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology in order to reduce various afflictions.



Classical massage

A classical massage is a relaxing and healing treatment. As every kind of massage, it loosens tense muscles and helps sooth nerves.


Relaxing body massage

A fast pace of life, everyday worries and problems, a constant psychological tension make us feel overtired and lacking in energy.


Sugar paste hair removal

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