IPL (Intense Pulse Light) means that the treatments using intense pulse light are connected with waves emission of different length in different directions at the same time. The treatment is used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology in order to reduce various afflictions.

Capillaries: closing capillaries with IPL technology is one of the most effective ways to treat capillary complexion. The treatment works best in case of diffuse erythema which is caused by plentiful, minute and shallowly placed vessels. Very good therapeutic results are also observed in the case of acne erythematosa. Light energy emitted during the treatment is absorbed by red blood pigment i.e. haemoglobin and changed to warmth. As a result of blood temperature rise, blood coagulation and damaging of vessels’ inside take place which lead to blocking their lumen.

Discolorations: these are pigmentary disorders caused by excessive production or patchy spreading of melatonin in the skin. They are very often the consequence of excessive or intensive sun exposure. They can also be of an inborn character, created during a natural aging process or as a result of injuries, irritation or hormones activity. They are visible in the form of smaller or bigger brown patches on skin. Light energy emitted during the IPL treatment is absorbed by pigment – melanin. Firstly, the discoloured part becomes darker, and then exfoliation takes place, which as a result leads to reduction or complete disappearance of the disorder. It should be emphasized that IPL treatment does not prevent appearing of discolorations in the future. It is connected to the fact that the treatment alone does not eliminate the tendency to hyperpigmentation but only removes its effects. That is why a very vital element of the therapy is prophylaxis based on avoiding UV exposure and using appropriate creams.

Photorejuvenation: it is a treatment which in a congeneric way reduces all symptoms of skin aging i.e. firmness loss, small wrinkles, discolorations, sun spots, dilated capillaries, erythema. Generated light energy is absorbed by haemoglobin, present in case of dilated capillaries and erythema or melanin (discolorations). As a result, damaged cells are destroyed. Additionally, the treatment leads to awakening the creation of collagen by cells located deeper. Consequently, the body becomes firm and flexible, pores become less visible and small wrinkles become smoother.


  • dilated capillaries, facial erythema
  • congenital and acquired angioma
  • discolorations (f.ex. age, sun, liver spots)
  • symptoms of skin aging (photo rejuvenating treatment)
  • active form of acne (acne phototherapy)


  • pregnancy
  • fresh tan
  • tendency for appearance of keloid scars
  • presence of active viral infections (f.ex. herpes) in the area subjected to the treatment
  • epilepsy in the reconnaissance
  • autoimmune diseases in the reconnaissance
  • presence of metal implants in the area subjected to the treatment (bone screws, wires, titanic ribs, teeth implants, braces)
  • using creams with: retinol (the usage should be stopped one month before the treatment), vitamins C, A, E or fruit acids (the usage should be stopped one week before the treatment)
  • taking vitamins A or E as well as beta-carotene – the usage should be stopped one week before the treatment
  • taking antibiotics orally or locally – not to be used two weeks before the treatment
  • taking orally preparations based on tetracycline and vitamin A (retinoids) used in acne treatment – the break between the last dose and the treatment should be ca. 6 months
  • taking light sensitive herbs (St John’s wort, marigold, pansy, horsetail) – stop using them a week before the treatment
  • using desquamative treatments, i.e. grainy or enzymatic scrub – stop using 7 days before the treatment
  • scrubs, microdermabrasion – should not be performed 14 days before the treatment

The process of treatment

USG gel is applied on skin after earlier cleaning of the area subjected to the treatment. Eyes are protected by special glasses. Appropriate treatment parameters are set depending on the skin type (phototype) and a particular problem. Then, the head of IPL device is placed on the skin and a short flashgun takes place. Once the treatment is over, the gel is removed and soothing preparations are used in order to calm skin irritations.

Post-treatment indications:

  • avoid sauna and solarium for a fortnight
  • avoid sun exposure for a fortnight
  • use sun protection – cream with +50 sunscreen for a fortnight
  • in case of the treatment performed to reduce erythema – avoid excessive physical effort for a fortnight

Convalescence time

In the place subjected to the treatment there may appear redness as well as small swelling, which disappear within 2-3 days. Additionally, crusts may appear, but they should be left for idiopathic fall. The process usually takes ca. 5-10 days.

Treatment results:

reduction of discolorations, reduction of redness.
3-5 treatments are recommended with 2-3 weeks intervals.

Duration: 10-30 minutes
Anaesthesia: none
Complimentary treatments: scrubs, pampering treatments

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