VelaShape III body contouring and cellulite removal

Nowadays the fight to get a body shape of your dreams may be supported by lots of professional treatments performed with the use of professional equipment. The specialists from our Medical Centre SCM, located in Krakow, have mastered to perfection body contouring with the use on non-invasive, safe and cutting-edge methods. One of the most popular methods to reduce body circumference is the one using VelaShape III device.

VelaShape III is the latest equipment of Syneron Medical Ltd company, the world leader in the field of aesthetic medicine equipment, destined to contouring the body in a non-invasive way, reducing the body circumference and eliminating cellulite. It has been created by the combination of the latest technical solutions and 10-year long experience of millions of treatments performed around the world with the use of three previous generations of VelaShape equipment. The effectiveness of this device, regarding reduction of body circumference and cellulite, has been proved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). In 2013 VelaShape III got the award of Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress (AMEC) for the best non-invasive body contouring equipment. It only proves the fact that the fight with additional kilograms and reduction of cellulite with the use of VelaShape III may bring really dramatic effects. You can see it by yourself visiting our clinic in Krakow, which offers its Patients undergoing specialistic treatments performed in a professional and absolutely safe way.

VelaShape III is the equipment combining the elos technology (light and power synergy) with a delicate mechanical and pressure massage. The system is designed in such a way so as to combine in a safe way the following technologies:

  • infrared radiation (IR)
  • bipolar radio frequency power (RF)
  • mechanical manipulation (pressure with or without massaging rolls)

Repeated spot heating of the treated area takes place during the treatment. Thanks to underpressure the layers of adipose tissue located deeper are sucked in between electrodes. Additionally, the underpressure is chosen in such a way that density of power flowing through sucked lappet is maximum in adipose tissue.

Feel invited to use conspicuous possibilities of VelaShape device in Krakow, in our Medical Centre of Aesthetic Dermatology and Cosmetology SCM estetic.

Taking into account the fact that adipose tissue cools down much more slowly than other tissues, what happens in it is cumulation of warmth and destruction of adipocytes. Once the process of warming is over, dead adipocytes are freed to lymphatic system and then metabolized and eliminated.
VelaShape III owes its effectiveness to the usage of an intelligent SMART RFTM system that uses a closed RF loop to measure impedance of patient’s tissue, which enables the reduction of number of people in whose cases the destruction of adipocytes was not observed until now.

VelaShape III has two heads: VSmooth and VContour, which enable performing treatments on different body areas (waist and stomach, thighs, buttocks, shoulders), including face (chin, face oval). The decrease of body circumference after the first treatment is visible after ca. 2 weeks. Gradual improvement of body shape takes place after 8 weeks following the treatment.


  • excess adipose tissues in certain areas
  • double chin
  • loss of face oval
  • cellulite
  • lack of skin firmness
  • skin laxity after a big weight loss
  • excessive skin in the stomach area after pregnancy
  • problems with circulation, lymphostasis in limbs


  • pregnancy and breast feeding
  • current and past cancer
  • unregulated diabetes
  • active skin changes in the area subjected to the treatment, e.g. viral or bacterial infections, ulceration, psoriasis, pimples
  • varicose veins in the area subjected to the treatment
  • pacemaker
  • metal, or other, implants in the area subjected to the treatment
  • legs thrombosis in reconnaissance

The process of treatment

The massage, with the use of appropriately chosen head, depending on the area and the problem, is performed after the application of special gel. Patient’s skin, depending on individual tolerance, is heated to 41-43°C, what is constantly monitored with the use of a temperature reader placed in the head. During the treatment a patient feels differently intensified feeling of warmth.

Post-treatment indications

No special post-treatment behaviour is needed.

Convalescence time

Not needed. Directly after the treatment the skin can be a bit red.


Results of treatment

  • collagen regeneration
  • reduction of cellulite
  • reduction of body measurement from 2 to 7 cm visible after 8 weeks
  • reduction of double chin
  • improvement of face oval
  • improvement in skin elasticity and firmness
  • lack of yo-yo effect

Time: 15 / 30 minutes one body part
Anaesthesia: not needed



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