DERMAPEN® thanks to the presence of exchangeable pulsatory needles pricks skin in a regulated way. Skin damage created in that way is a stimulus for regeneration processes taking place through synthesis of collagen and elastin, which leads to improvement of skin condition.


  • shallow wrinkles
  • loss of skin firmness
  • post-acne scars
  • post-injury scars
  • stretch marks
  • widened pores
  • hair loss



  • tendency for appearance of keloid scars
  • active viral infections (f.ex. herpes) and bacterial ones in the area subjected to treatment

Process of treatment:

The area planned for treatment is subjected to multiple pricks which leads skin to become reddened and it may also bleed in places of pricks. Depending on the area and skin type, the depth of pricks is precisely regulated from 0,5-2,5 mm. The effect of the treatment can be heightened by the usage of active substance dedicated to each problem, which penetrate deeper into skin through micro injuries formed during the treatment.

Post treatment indications:

  • apply a soothing post-treatment cream a few times daily
  • avoid sauna and solarium for a fortnight
  • avoid sun exposure for a fortnight
  • use sun protection – a cream with +50 sunscreen

Convalescence time :

The state of irritation is very individual. Immediately after the treatment the skin is extremely reddened (like burnt). This state lasts for a few hours; in rare cases it may last 1-2 days. In cases of some patients, there may additionally appear swelling (lasting 1-2 days) or desquamating (lasting 2-4 days). In some more sensitive areas spot blotches may appear.


The effect of the treatment:

  • increase in skin thickness
  • smoothening of wrinkles
  • shallowing of post-acne and post-injury scars
  • reduction of stretch marks
  • decrease of pores
  • decrease in hair loss
  • hair growth stimulation

Frequency of treatments:

In case of face and neck rejuvenation it is recommended to undergo 3-5 treatments in a series every 4 weeks. In case of scars or significant skin tenuity: 6-8 treatments every 2-4 weeks.

The persistence of the treatment effect: permanent in case of scars

Time: depending on the area 30-45 minutes
Anaesthesia: yes
Complementary treatments: scrubs, mesotherapy

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