Polylactic acid (Sculptra)

Polylactic acid (Sculptra) is the substance for boosting the synthesis of our own collagen leading to skin becoming firmer and more tense. The preparation can be used regardless of age. It is great especially for women and men around 35 years of age or older. In case of younger patients, it is used as a prophylaxis, and one treatment is often enough to see the increase of skin thickness.


  • correction of face oval
  • correction of temple area
  • eyebrows lifting
  • correction of nasolabial folds
  • correction of lips corners
  • loss of firmness of face skin or body (f.ex. arms, stomach after pregnancy or weight loss)


  • pragnancy and lactation
  • active autoimmune diseases (especially Hashimoto disease)
  • active viral infections (f.ex. herpes) and bacterial ones in the area subjected to treatment
  • former treatments with the usage of permanent fillers (f.ex. Aquamid)

Process of treatment

The preparation in a form of suspension is injected inside dermis in small portions through a syringe with a thin needle.

Post treatment indications

  • massage of the area subjected to the treatment twice a day for a fortnight
  • avoid sauna and solarium for a fortnight
  • avoid sun exposure for a fortnight
  • use sun protection – a cream with +50 sunscreen for a fortnight on the area subjected to the treatment

The effect of the treatment

The effect of rejuvenation is not immediate. Changes in skin caused by the application of Sculptra preparation take place gradually within a few weeks, which leads to rejuvenation of the treated area, but what is important, in a natural way, without an unnatural stringing effect. The result of the treatment is increased density of tissues and skin elasticity, shallowing wrinkles and furrows, enhancement of face oval.

Frequency of treatment

The therapy consists of 2 – 4 treatments (depending on advancement of aging processes) with 6-week breaks or longer.

The persistence of the treatment effect

The effect after the series of treatments lasts for approximately 2 years.

Convalescence time

In some cases bruises may appear in places of blood vessel damage, but they disappear after 5-10 days.

Time: 30-60 minutes
Anaesthesia: yes (anaesthetic cream f.ex. Emla or ice compress)
Complementary treatments: scrubs, Dermapen, mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid


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