Carboxytherapy has been used in medicine for several dozens of years, and lately started being also used in aesthetic medicine. The treatment involves injecting carbo dioxide below skin. During the first phase there appears a passing underoxidation of tissues which results in widening blood vessels with following skin hypermia. As a result, healing processes speed up, skin condition and look improves. Lipolytic activity of carbon dioxide is connected to its partial transformation into carbon acid which dissolves fat cells. Additionally, increased blood supply leads to increased lymphatic drainage of a cured area, fastening metabolism and eliminating released fat.

Indications :

  • Speeding up healing  in the process of protracted and not cicatrising wounds and helcosis
  • Defluvium, including androgenic alopecia
  • Psoriasis
  • Circulation dysfunction – so called “cold hands, cold feet”
  • CelluliteExcessive fat tissues
  • StretchmarksLoss of face skin firmness
  • Bruising, so called under-eye pouches, wrinkles and eye skin laxity


  • PregnancySevere heart and lungs diseases
  • Cancer
  • Skin inflammation  in the area planned for treatment
  • Carbonic- anhydrase inhibitors therapy
  • Active viral infections (e.g. herpes) and bacterial ones in the area planned for treatment

The course of treatment

Carbo dioxide is injected under skin with a narrow needle by the use of a special device CARBOMED with a medical certification. Additionally, thanks to the possibility of regulation of flow and temperature of injected carbon dioxide, the treatment is almost painless. While CO2 injection, you can only experience an unpleasant feeling of stretching under the skin.

Post-treatment behaviour

No special behaviour is required

Convalescence time

Generally not required. Initially, in the place of injections there are micro-marks visible, but they disappear after a few minutes, just like redness of a place where gas under skin disperses. Additionally, during the treatment there is visible movement of  gas under the skin, which gives the feeling of swelling, which is supposed to disappear after a few minutes. In rare cases swelling may last up till 48 hours. The risk of blood vessels injury is minimal. In case of that happening, the bruise disappears within 5-10 days.


The result of the treatment

Speeding up healing processes of wounds, improvement of circulation and skin quality, decreasing hair loss and awakening its growth. Additionally, decreasing swelling and dark under-eye circles, reduction of fat tissues and cellulite.

CO2 treatment is chosen individually for every patient by a doctor and takes up usually 4-8 treatments in case of healing problems located on a face, neck and cleavage and 10-15 treatments regarding other parts of  body. The treatments are performed every 7-14 days.

In case of using CO2 for healing stretchmarks, lack of skin firmness, cellulite or excessive fat tissues, the effects are visible after 6-12 weeks. If you want to regenerate skin around eyes, one treatment is enough.

Treatment duration: depending on the area undergoing treatment – 10-30 minutes
Anaesthesia : not required
Additional treatments : Dermapen, mesotherapy, Linerase, Ellanse, peeling

Price list
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