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Laser removal of vessels is not only a non-invasive and safe but also the only effective solution to broken blood vessels. Vessels on the surface disappear almost immediately.

Broken blood vessels is a condition faced by many people. The most effective solution is closing them with QuadroStar® Laser. The laser light of a specified wavelength passes through skin not impairing it and in a selective way, in confrontation with blood stain – hemoglobin, changes into warmth causing constrictedness and permanent vessel closure. No other structures and tissues are damaged, so there are no scars. Some venous changes on legs require a few expositions over a period of a few months. It depends largely on vessels’ diameter, their density and the depth of placement. In case of small, singular changes, one treatment is enough. If you have strongly reddened cheeks with a net of red “spider veins” the treatment should be repeated 3-4 times.

Compulsive smoking and obesity may decrease the effectiveness of treatments performed on vessels


  • flat angioma
  • stellate angioma
  • closing vessels on a face, neck and décolleté
  • closing vessels on legs up to 1,5 mm diameter
  • eliminating congenital angioma
  • rosacea treatment


  • pregnancy, breast feeding
  • taking drugs (tetracycline) and photosensitive herbs (Saint John’s wort, marigold)
  • taking antithrombotic
  • dysfunction of blood coagulation
  • psoriasis in active stage
  • leucoderma
  • epilepsy
  • unregulated diabetes
  • unregulated hypertension
  • tendency to improper healing of wounds, creation of keloid scars
  • active infections in the area to be treated

Preparation for the treatment

Before the treatment do not use:

  • creams and ointments with vitamin A and fruit acids (face)
  • oral retinoid therapy (e.g. deriver of vitamin A, Isoderm, Curacne, Aknenormin)
  • photo sensitive drugs (phototoxic, photo allergic and herbs of such functioning – St John’s wort, marigold, “Figura” 1 and 2 tea)
  • self-tanners a month before the treatment
  • scrubs ca. 2 weeks before and after the treatment
  • ca. 4 weeks before and after the treatment you cannot tan the area undergoing closing vessels

Post-treatment indications:

  • for 2 weeks after laser treatment avoid sudden changes in temperature of the surroundings
  • natural post-treatment symptom is slight skin reddening
  • for 4 weeks after the treatment tanning is strictly forbidden
  • in case of exposure to sun it is necessary to use cream with at least 50 SPF filter
  • hot bath, a visit in sauna, at the gym or fitness club is not recommended for a week following the treatment
  • after the treatment avoid drinking alcohol, too much coffee and smoking cigarettes

Time: 15-30 minutes
Anaesthesia: not needed
Complementary treatments: IPL

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