Face and body skin mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy is one of the most popular and effective methods used in prophylaxis of aging and enhancement of skin look while, at the same time, preserving a fully natural effect.
Thanks to this technique, active substances are entered sub or intradermally, bypassing the barrier of epidermis, through which majority of cosmetics do not permeate. Additionally, the process of pricking itself leads to activation of repair mechanisms within skin responsible for its shaping.
What is used during the treatment are cocktails made of the mixture of many revitalizing and regenerating substances, which stimulating metabolism of cells increase the production of collagen and elastin, which leads to improving the condition of skin.
One of the most often used type is hyaluronic acid which has strong hygroscopic properties (it is able to absorb huge amounts of water) and the ones increasing cell proliferation and angiogenesis.
Depending on the composition of a preparation, the treatment is aimed at patients in any age and with various problems. Thanks to this method we can nourish or firm the skin of face, décolleté, bust, limit hair loss, reduce cellulite or decrease under eye circles and swelling.


  • wrinkles
  • loss of tensity and elasticity of skin
  • rejuvenation of face oval
  • dry, dehydrated skin
  • reduction of under eye circles
  • stretch marks and scars
  • cellulite
  • treatment and prophylaxis of hair loss


  • pregnancy and lactation
  • active autoimmune diseases
  • active cancerous diseases
  • active viral infections (e.g. herpes) and bacterial ones in the area subjected to the treatment
  • allergy to preparation ingredients
  • tendency for appearance of keloid scars

The process of treatment:

After earlier anaesthetics, a specially chosen preparation is injected with the use of thin needles at the depth of 2-3 mm.

Post treatment indications:

  • avoid solarium and sun exposure for a fortnight
  • use sun protection – a cream with +50 sunscreen for a fortnight

Convalescence time:

In the place of possible damage of blood vessels there may appear a bruise lasting for 4-10 days. Additionally, depending on a technique and a preparation used, there may appear papules in the area treated which persist for a few hours up to 3 days. In the eye area, especially in the case of people with tendency for lymph retention, there may appear a passing oedema.

The effect of the treatment:

Depending on the preparation used:

  • enhancement of skin quality, tensity and its level of moisturising
  • significant reduction of small wrinkles and shallowing of deeper ones
  • reduction of dark circles and oedema under eyes
  • reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite
  • decrease of hair loss and growth stimulation of new one

Treatment frequency:

In case of some patients the effect is visible directly after the first treatment. In order to achieve optimal effects in majority cases it is recommended to undergo 3-4 treatments with a break of 14-28 days and then a refreshing treatment every 3-6 months.

Time: depending on the extent of the area treated circa 15-30 minutes
Anaesthesia: yes, locally (e.g. cream)
Complementary treatments: scrubs, dermapen




Neauvia Stimulate & Lift

Neauvia Stimulate & Lift is a preparation on the basis of hyaluronic acid and G-bone which brings back youth immediately and is long-lasting. It is a perfect solution for those who care not only about firming and improving skin quality but also about raising sagging cheeks and filling losses connected to the decline of subcutaneous adipose tissue. The treatment intensively stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen thanks to which in a natural and organic way we receive the result of skin thickening and a visible effect of lifting face oval.


Dermaheal Eyebag Solution

Dermaheal Eyebag Solution is a unique combination of biomimetic peptides. Thanks to its properties the preparation improves microvasculature, stimulates drainage and prevents lymphatic retention which has a significant impact on the reduction of under eye bags and upswelling. Additionally, the preparation reduces the expression of adipogenetic factors preventing adipogenesis in the eye area as well as stimulates lipolysis reducing under eye fat-pads. It is especially recommended to people experiencing problems with under eye bags and upswelling. It is recommended to undergo at least 3 treatments with the breaks of 7-14 days.
Recommendations: upswelling of the eye area, under eye bags, under eye fat-pads.


It is a preparation dedicated to the improvement of the look of eye area. It has antioxidative properties, enhances eye contour, smoothens wrinkles and tightens skin. Its unique composition brings immediate effects such as moisturizing and improving microvasculature. The preparation is especially recommended to people with under eye dark circles.
A single treatment is recommended to refresh the eye area immediately. In order to achieve comprehensive regeneration of the eye area and to bring back fresh look it is recommended to undergo a series of 4-6 treatments repeated with the breaks of 7-14 days.
The preparation has been awarded with 2014 Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology.
Recommendations: dark circles under eyes, wrinkles, the loss of skin firmness, xerosis cutis, prophylaxis of skin aging.

RRS Hyalift

Thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid, it not only moisturizes skin perfectly well but also stimulates its reconstruction. It is recommended for treatments in the areas of face, neck, décolletage, backs of hands, inside areas of shoulders, thighs and stomach.
It is recommended to perform 4 treatments with breaks of 2-4 weeks.
Indications: the loss of skin firmness, small wrinkles, anti-aging prophylaxis

RRS Cellutrix

It includes a mixture of substances with draining, stretching and lipoclastic functions in its composition, thanks to which it is perfect in a fight against cellulite and the loss of skin firmness in the area of thighs, buttocks and shoulders.
It is recommended to perform at least 4 treatments with breaks of 2-4 weeks.
Indications: cellulite, skin laxity, topical fat accumulation

RRS Stilmatrix

It includes aminoacids, microelements, vitamins, antioxidants, substances tightening skin and growth factors in its composition. Its application activates repair processes within damaged skin, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin what significantly improves the quality of skin.
Indications: skin laxity, stretch marks

RRS Tensor Lift

Thanks to the unique combination of substances tightening skin, vitamins, hyaluronic acid and components reducing free radicals it stimulates natural regeneration processes and the reconstruction of collagen and elastin. As a result, skin moisturizing, firmness and tensity is improved.
In view of its strong skin tightening and lifting features it is recommended in case of skin laxity in the area of lower part of face and neck, especially in case of people with “heavy” faces.
Indications: loss of skin firmness and tensity, anti-aging prophylaxis

RRS Silisorg

The preparation can be used in a mono therapy or in combination with other RRS preparations. It includes organic silicon and bio-revitalizing cocktail thanks to which it is perfect for improving the condition of hypodermis of face skin, body skin and a head of hair.
Indications: loss of skin firmness and tensity, defluvium, anti-aging prophylaxis

Teosyal Redensity I

Teosyal Redensity I includes a patented composition which enhances the process of re-establishing proper thickness of dermis. It includes hyaluronic acid (15 mg/g) naturally present within skin and selected ingredients in a form of complex of 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals and B6 vitamin. The complex of amino acids stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin fibres and also regulates the process of cicatrizing and reconstruction of cells. The present B6 vitamin is necessary for metabolism of skin cells. Minerals: zinc and copper take part in the process of DNA synthesis and increase the process of new cells creation.

Indications: the loss of skin firmness, small wrinkles, brightening and moisturizing skin


DERMAGEN OPHTHALMOS preparation is designed for delicate and flabby skin of eye area. It is an innovative cocktail with a unique combination of ingredients which enhances microcirculation and skin elasticity decreasing its tendency to retaining liquids around eyes. Thus, it not only regenerates and rejuvenates the skin of eye area but is also very effective in reducing under eye circles and oedema.

Indications: wrinkles of the eye area, oedema, under eye circles

Jalupro HMW

JALUPRO ® HMW is a product of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and an amino acid complex prepared for deep skin bio revitalization.

Indications: wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, skin moisturizing, skin aging prophylaxis


Exceptional effectiveness of CytoCare® 502/516/532 rests in the composition which apart from hyaluronic acid contains 55 active ingredients including vitamins and inorganic salt. Synergistic activity of vitamins, amino acids and minerals with hyaluronic acid speeds up cellular regeneration and provides intensive skin rehydration leading to rejuvenation and skin smoothing effect.

Indications: wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, skin moisturising, skin aging prophylaxis


StretchCare is a perfect combination of hyaluronic acid of high concentration, B5 vitamin and a revolutionary complex of DMAE antioxidants.
Thanks to properly chosen ingredients, StretchCare treatment leads to constrictedness of loosen collagen fibres which tighten and strengthen the skin.
Apart from using StretchCare on a face, neck and décolleté, it is also perfect for other body parts. The treatment can be used on stretch marks and flabby skin of stomach, bosom and arms especially after pregnancy or body weight loss.

Indications: loss of skin firmness, wrinkles

Princess Riche

Princess Riche is a mesotherapy preparation including hyaluronic acid of 18 mg/ml concentration and glycerol (20 mg/ml). Glycerol present in the preparation has stabilizing and antiseptic features and can ensure six fold stronger effect of moisturizing thanks to which the effects of mesotherapy are much longer visible. The treatment deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin, especially the one dehydrated by the sun and helps it stay naturally young, tight and elastic. What is more, the preparation can be used as a kind of a filler for small wrinkles such as crow’s feet, laugh lines or smoker’s lines.

Indications: dehydrated skin lacking radiance, small wrinkles

Restylane Vital, Restylane Vital Light

HYDROBALANS products (Restylane Vital™, Restylane Vital Light™) represent a new grade of stabilized hyaluronic acid of NASHA™ technology. The preparations are dedicated to restoration and revitalization of skin on the whole body, especially areas believed to be ‘hard to improve’ such as the skin around eyes, the area of lips and the red zone of the lip, neck and décolleté skin and back of hands.
The recommended series of 3 treatments with 2-4 week’s breaks guarantees spectacular aesthetic effects in bringing back proper level of skin hydration, the increase of skin elasticity and smoothing small wrinkles.

Indications: wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, skin aging prophylaxis


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

The treatment with the use of platelet-rich plasma involves biostimulation of skin cells through growth factor released by active thrombocyte. The treatment results in improvement of skin quality.


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