Single drip: 180 zł

Package of 4 drips -5%
Package of 4 drips -10%

A set of symptoms is caused by excessive alcohol intake which sometimes prevents proper functioning of the organism. The cause of such a state is cumulation within the organism the products of alcohol conversion: aldehyde and acetic acid as well as dehydration (of brain especially). Patients suffer from headaches, stomach aches, muscle pain, experience dry mouth syndrome, nausea and often may vomit. In such a situation the best solution is to administer liquids and helping substances intravenously.

A unique set of vitamins and electrolytes dissolved in nutritious glucose will help to put you in shape again and you will start functioning properly. An undeniable advantage of this set is, apart from vitamin C, a big dose of thiamine necessary for proper processing of ethanol and its metabolite of which shortage is very often present in case of people drinking alcohol.

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