Single drip: 180 zł

Package of 4 drips -5%
Package of 4 drips -10%

How to help yourself in preparing for exams in case of the need to memorise a lot of materials and increased mental effort?

An SCM estetic vitamin drip which improves memory and helps in learning includes a set of vitamins B that amend functioning of the nervous system and is a unique ingredient improving stability of nervous cells’ membrane.
This set significantly amends neuronal conduction, speeds up cognitive functions and learning ability as well as improves memory. The infusion does not cause any side effects such as irritation or agitation which may take place after using conventional means, though it shall not be used in the evening as it may hamper falling asleep.
The package has been supplemented with a balanced electrolyte solution including, inter alia, magnesium which is eluted while drinking excessive amount of coffee.

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