You have used lots of different diets but not managed to get rid of unwanted body? Or maybe you have lost some kilograms but they came back faster than they disappeared? Every organism is different and thus, the approach to each person should be individual. We can guarantee that together we will find a way to help you achieve the goal of your dreams. We are fully aware that your success is our success.

We give consultations to people experiencing problems with:

  • thyroid diseases – thyroid insufficiency, Hashimoto’s disease

  • intestines diseases – coeliac syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis

  • skin problems – atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, allergies

  • oncological diseases, conditions resulting from chemotherapy (diarrhoea, vomit, loss of appetite)

  • allergies and food hypersensitivity (LEAP MRT test)


We also invite:

  • people who want to lose unwanted kilograms or those who want to follow a healthy diet

  • people who want to prevent aging

  • women who are pregnant, breast-feeding or who want to lose weight after pregnancy

  • obese, overweight children

  • couples trying to have a child

  • extremely demanding people who want to use nutrigenetics test (iGenesis)


Body composition analysis:

During every single meeting an analysis of body composition will be made with the use of a special device in order to check the slimming progress. It is completely safe and painless. It is performed with a special professional device (TANITA DC-360), which works thanks to the method of bioelectric impedance BIA. Apart from the number of kilograms, it enables determining the following parameters:

  • body fat mass

  • total body water

  • muscles content

  • adipose fat tissue rate

  • BMI

  • basal metabolic rate

  • metabolic age

  • bone mass

  • body build type


Nutrigenetic testing:

For more demanding patients we offer innovative nutrigenetic testing iGenesis. It involves taking swab from under a cheek and testing it in Your DNA laboratory. In that way you get a comprehensive report regarding your health.



Food intolerance testing (LEAP MRT):

Do you suffer from persistent conditions which are hard to get rid of? Do you feel that medicaments you are taking do not cure the cause of the illness? If so, here are some important facts you should be familiar with:

  • Medical tests have shown that food and additives to food can be responsible for various conditions and health problems.

  • If your diet is the cause of your illness, medicaments you are taking can mask symptoms and not work on the underlying cause. What’s more, a lot of medicaments have side effects what can lead to further health problems.

  • If you believe that a diet can be the reason for your everyday problems, remember that even the most expensive treatment will not always bring results.




The examinations required before the first visit (current, max till 3 months):

  • basic morphology (without blood film)

  • glucose / insulin on empty stomach

  • lipoprotein profile

  • ALT

  • eGFR

  • uric acid (in case of following a ’’traditional” meat diet)

Other requirements:

  • a hospital dischare (if the patient was hospitalised)

  • a nutrition diary from the last 3 days (hours, amount, type of meals)                                                                                    PRICE LIST



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