Kroplówki witaminowe wspomaganie gojenia ran

Single drip: 220 zł

Package of 4 drips -5%
Package of 4 drips -10%

A drip composed by SCM estetic is recommended to patients with:

  • wounds that do not want to heal
  • diabetes (diabetic foot)
  • obliterative atherosclerosis of peripheral arteries
  • pressure ulcers
  • lower leg ulceration
  • inflammation of mucosa caused by irradiation or after skin graft

The substance administered, thanks to unique features protects cells and tissues endangered with the lack of oxygen and nutrients improving their general energy state and repair processes. It has cytoprotective property, that is the ones protecting a cell against damage. It regenerates tissues damaged by ischaemia (obliterative atherosclerosis of arteries).
Additionally, in the set there are vitamins C and D responsible for collagen synthesis and proper functioning of bone tissue in the organism and conditioning proper functioning of a circulatory system. Silicon and zinc slow down the incubation of sclerosis and enhance immunity, and selenium additionally protects our organism against adverse influence of free radicals. The volume of the drip is chosen individually by a doctor and depends on the level of patient’s hydrating and cardiovascular capacity.

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