Kroplówka witaminowa dieta bezglutenowa

Single drip: 220 zł

Package of 4 drips -5%
Package of 4 drips -10%

Regardless of the reason: necessity (celiac syndrome, gluten intolerance) or simply a personal decision, being on a diet which eliminates gluten from food leads to a situation when there appears a shortage of some nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.

Food with the addition of natural or processed grain is a rich source of vitamins from B group (especially niacin and thiamine). It is the shortage of these vitamins which is most common among people on gluten-free diet and they often lack vitamins D and E. A shortage of folic acid is really dangerous in case of women planning to be pregnant as it may lead to neurological damage of a foetus. Other elements which may often be taken in insufficient amount are: iron, magnesium, chromium or zinc.

A specially prepared SCM estetic drip includes also selenium which takes part in conversion of thyroid hormone from an inactive form into an active one. As proved, problems with the functioning of thyroid are often connected to the shortage of selenium.

The best solution for people suffering from the dysfunction of the digestive tract is administering the lacking substances intravenously. A specially prepared set of vitamins, trace elements and electrolytes perfectly supplements shortages which disable proper functioning of the organism.

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