Cryo-S classic

Cryo-S classic is a device for cryosurgery created on the basis of 20-year-long experience in the production of cryosurgery equipment. It is pneumatically controlled and does not require electric power supply. The freezing agent is carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen monoxide (N2O) in steel pressure cylinders.

Cryosurgery is a golden standard in dermatology and devices from CRYO-S series are the most commonly used in Poland and around the world. The treatment, in most cases, does not require desensitizing. After freezing, destroyed cells undergo idiopathic demarcation and then the tissue undergoes a proper reconstruction without fibrosis or defects. A scar that appears is elastic and collagen-free. The cryosurgery treatment allows to achieve good cosmetic results which are hard to be achieved using other methods.




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