Single drip: 220 zł

Package of 4 drips -5%
Package of 4 drips -10%

Vegetarian diets, amid the elimination of meat and products of animal origin, pose a threat of the appearance of multiple shortages of both minerals and vitamins of animal origin. Preparing a proper diet which will cover the need for all nutrients but, at the same time, not causing gain of weight, is extremely difficult. Shortages in diet regard mainly: folic acid, vitamins B (especially B12 which is not synthesized by plants), vitamin D, iron, calcium, iodine and zinc. It is recommended to supplement these vitamins and microelements as their shortages may pose a threat to the proper functioning of the organism. “Anti-nutritional” substances present numerously in plants disable proper absorption of others.

The proper solution is intravenous supplementation of necessary substances bypassing the digestive tract and eliminating potential problems with the absorption of oral supplements. Thanks to that, one can keep a slim and healthy body without shortages and without a departure from a chosen diet.

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