First Lift

First Lift Threads are made of dissolvable PDO substance (Polydioxonone) – the substance used for production of dissolvable surgical seams used in many surgery fields. The thread can be located on a needle in two ways: spirally or linearly. In the primary form they give the effect of revitalization, in a convolute form – additionally a lifting effect and deliberate limitation of face mimics. The application of a thread is practically non-invasive and painless; it leaves no scars nor nicks. Their advantage is also the fact that they can be used on almost whole body (apart from a face). They can be used to improve the skin structure of elbows, knees, buttocks, décolleté or breasts.



  • wrinkles on neck and décolleté skin
  • horizontal and vertical forehead wrinkles
  • drooping eyebrows
  • nasolabial fold
  • cheek-malar furrow
  • chin wrinkles
  • marionette lines
  • drooping cheeks and area below lower jaw


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • autoimmune diseases
  • unregulated diabetes
  • tendency for appearance of keloid scars
  • active viral infections (e.g. herpes) and bacterial ones in the area subjected to treatment
  • active cancer
  • fever
  • using antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory medicine

The process of treatment

A PDO thread is located on a sterile, thin needle with the aid of which it is located within skin in specified parts of a face or body. The technique of application of a PDO thread is based on using  natural lines of skin tensity, which apart from strengthening skin brings the effect similar to a surgical lifting.

Post treatment indications

  • do not massage the places where the thread was implemented
  • avoid sauna and solarium for a fortnight
  • avoid sun exposure for a fortnight
  • use sun protection – a cream with +50 sunscreen for a fortnight

Convalescence time

Immediately after the treatment the skin can be slightly red. There may also appear small haematoma or bruises that shall disappear within a few days

The effect of the treatment

By implementing PDO threads within skin we get the effect of its visible enhancement; skin becomes firmer and more elastic.

The persistence of the treatment effect

After circa 10-14 days after the treatment begins the process of synthesis of natural organism proteins (collagen and elastin) which lasts for the whole period of threads persistence within the organism (up to 7-8 months). The aesthetic effect lasts for up to 12 months.

Time: circa 30 minutes
Anaesthesia: yes  (locally anaesthetic cream)
Complementary treatments: mesotherapy, Dermapen, scrubs


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