Botulinum toxin

(Azzalure, Botox, Bocouture)

Botulinum toxin (Azzalure, Botox, Bocouture), temporarily blocks conducting nerves’ impulse to a muscle cell which in result leads to relaxation (lack of contraction of muscles subjected to the treatment). It prevents the formation of new mimic wrinkles and deepening of the ones already existing. Additionally, by blocking activity of muscles close to sweat glands outlets, you can largely reduce an upsetting problem of armpits, hands, feet or forehead hyperhidrosis.

Deciding to use positive effects provided by botulinum toxin Patients should choose services of proper Specialists who guarantee a safe treatment process. In Krakow you will find such people in SCM estetic Centre.


  • forehead glabellar lines – the lion wrinkle
  • transverse forehead wrinkles
  • around eyes wrinkles – “crow’s feet”
  • smokers lines
  • nose wrinkles – bunny lines
  • raising of drooping lip corners
  • raising nose tip
  • bruxism (grinding of teeth)
  • alveolar smile
  • migraines
  • hyperhidrosis


  • pregnancy and breast feeding
  • disorders in nerves and muscles connections (myasthenia gravis, primary muscles diseases)
  • active viral (f.ex. herpes) and bacterial infections in the area subjected to the treatment

Process of treatment

The treatment is based on intramuscular application of botulinum toxin preparation. The number of units necessary to perform the treatment is individual for each patient and depends on a person’s skin thickness and power of muscles supposed to undergo the treatment.

Post treatment indications

  • do not massage the places of injection
  • do not lie down or bend within 4 hours after the treatment
  • do not drink alcohol till the end of the day
  • do not travel by plane on the day of the treatment
  • avoid sauna and solarium for a fortnight
  • avoid sun exposure for a fortnight
  • use sun protection – a cream with +50 sunscreen for a fortnight


The effect of the treatment

relaxation of muscles subjected to the treatment, which after some time results in shallowing previously existing wrinkles. In case of hyperhidrosis, there is visible less sweating resulting from relaxation of muscles located around sebaceous glands.

Convalescence time

Generally not needed. In rare cases there may appear small swelling and reddening in a place of injection which may last for a few hours. In case of a vessel damage a bruise may appear.

The persistence of the treatment effect

The first results are not visible immediately after the treatment but in between 3-21 days after the injection. The final effect is observed after ca.28 days, which is when, if needed, possible corrections can be made. The effects of the treatment last from 2 to 8 months. This time is very individual and depends on the amount of units given, the power of myoparalysis and the area where botulinum toxin was used.

Time: 15-30 minutes
Anaesthesia: optional
Complementary treatments: wrinkles – mesotherapy, scrubs, Dermapen, Ellanse, Linerase; hyperhidrosis – tannin compress

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